KYT© - Know Your Tenant.
Building India's First Verified Tenant Network.

Tenant verification is a legal requirement in India. Several incidents have been reported in local and national newspapers in which landowners have been penalized by police for not properly verifying their tenants. Today, all apartment owners perform some verification by requesting employment verification, government ID cards, and so on, but there is no structured process for verifying the Tenant's background.We focus on a single goal—to help property owners and managers make the best renting/leasing decisions possible.We conduct a 6-point verification check on the potential tenant, including personal and professional background checks. We also rely on property owners like you to provide information about previous tenants, which is shared with other property owners across the network to help them manage risk, and vice versa.

Rent a co-living and PG in Noida for verified working professional in Delhi NCR

How does KYT© Work?

How to rent a room in Noida

The tenant uses a simple application form to apply for the property listed for rent by an owner.

How to rent a room in Gurugram

Tenant request applications and verification reports are sent to the owner via the online platform.

How to rent a room in Delhi

Based on the shared information, the property owner approves or rejects the tenant request.

KYT© - Know Your Tenant Well. For Owners, Associations, and Tenants.

Personal Information Check

It is not enough to request an AADHAR card or a PAN card as proof from potential tenants. It is also critical to ensure that all of the information provided is genuine. Oh My Place authenticates them using a complex algorithm to ensure that the tenant is providing accurate personal information.

Prior Tenancy History

We verify with the previous owner of the property where the potential tenant was living so that you or we can speak with them. This will tell us if your prospective tenant has a history of not paying rent or causing damage to property.

Permanent Address Verification

We verify the Tenant's previous address and the permanent address provided by the Tenant. This is difficult for any apartment owner or apartment association to do, so we rely on our partner agencies across all of India to perform the verification and provide the report.

Professional Background Check

It is critical to confirm the tenant's employment or business background. This is accomplished by requesting that the Tenant provide proof of income, such as an offer letter, salary, or business transactions statement.

Reference Person Verification

We request the name and contact information of a local reference person so that you or we can consult with them about providing a reference for a potential applicant.

Police Verification Report

The police would check to see if the prospective tenant had any criminal records. We assist in obtaining the police verification report from the local police station through our authorised partnered agency.

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