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Living on a budget for a working professional

Posted by OHMYPLACE on 28/06/2022

Patnaites are always full of zeal and zeast. They celebrate each and every festival with unity and love. We think it’s worth mentioning that patnaites are known for their helpful nature. Patna is popularly known as the city of students, but given the number of girls students living in rentals there, it might as well be known as a best city for girls students. But while the city was very nice to the student, girls don’t find it as easy.

We at FEM STAYS, India’s leading name in the girls or female friendly stays, are here to help you to find some of the best female friendly rentals in Patna.

Patna is the only city which have all esteemed government colleges i.e. IIT Patna, NIT Patna, NIFT Patna, AIIMS Patna, PMCH. It is also one the education hub for civil services, SSC, GATE & many other competitive exams.

No place can be said to be ‘safe for women’. However there are a few things that I would like you to know about Patna for girls student.

  1. It has all kinds of people. Some are good and helpful, some are not that welcoming. But that is everywhere you see.
  2. Most of the population I have seen is of young women or girl, mainly students and aspirants of some kind of exams.
  3. You can easily find police at many places. There are many traffic police as well.
  4. On special occasions, when there is a huge gathering of people, say for instance, on weekends at the Gandhi Ghat, there is a special provision of extra police force.
  5. We have seen police patrolling in late night.

However, we feel that one’s safety lies in one’s own hands. As far as a girl student is concerned, you can easily settle here but need a fair background check of the residents living with you and a verified list of girls hostels & PG. But you must be cautious about who you make friends with, where you go and with whom.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay As Rent?

This depends on where you live and what kind of place (for example, girls student PG or hostels are much cheaper than renting an apartment). Typically, it’s between 3500-10000 per month for rent and utilities.

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