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Why Oh My Place Co-living is better than a traditional PG?

Posted by OHMYPLACE on 26/03/2024

Today’s generation considers style and comfort in all areas of life as indisputable values, and they need help to solve problems related to their energy, freshness and apathy.In response to this call, Oh My Place appears as the last option, paying attention to its core values.


Comparing PG-vs-Coliving (Oh My Place)

are a few key benefits of living in Oh My Place accommodation is better compared to traditional accommodation options:

1. Flexibility: Unlike traditional paying guests or apartment rentals, Oh My Place does not bind residents to a rigid closing time, giving them the freedom to move out whenever theywant.

2. Less financial burden: Oh My Place does not require residents to pay a lot of money, making it the first choice for young professionals and recent graduates.

3. Shared Accommodation: Unlike many guesthouses or apartments for rent, Oh My Place offers fully equipped rooms with beyond basic amenities.

4. Included Utility Fees: Utilities such as electricity and cable are included in the rent or paid in full by Oh My Place, saving residents from paying additional fees elsewhere.

5. Dining options: Oh My Place offers food services from public dining or catering facilities, so residents do not need to seek additional dining arrangements. Unlike traditionalsettings, there are no restrictions on cooking at Oh My Place.

6. Independence and Privacy: Oh My Place residents have the right to self-regulate without the constant supervision of the landlord or doorman, as long as they respect theproperty and other residents.

7. Minimum restrictions: Oh My Place has fewer restrictions on paying guests than traditional sites, and most residents face limited visits.

8. Enhanced Security: Oh My Place prioritizes security with features such as a biometric login system and 24/7 security to ensure peace of mind for residents and their families.

9. General amenities: Oh My Place offers a wide range of amenities that go beyond those usually found in traditional locations, including free Wi-Fi, TV and entertainmentfacilities.

10. Neighborhood: Oh My Place strikes a balance between public life and privacy, allowing residents to choose to fully enjoy solitude or community in a given area; This is animportant factor, especially in densely populated areas. some places.

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